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St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School Hope in God


Could you survive in the Stone Age?


Today we found out!!

Following our discussions we decided in order to survive life in the stone age we needed:

  • Food and water
  • Shelter
  • Weapons/ tools
  • Fire 


We had great fun working together to see if we could survive.... check out our photos to see how we managed.

Harvest Assembly

Harvest Assembly 1

Thank you to the whole school for such generous harvest donations.  Our chosen focus for the year as enough for everyone, this was chosen by our class.

We worked hard to think about and reflect why people around the world do not have enough food and the fact there is actually is enough food around the world to feed everyone however it is not fairly spread.

We had a great time performing and did an amazing job!!

Please come along to our Summer Fair on Friday 5th July 3:30pm.
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