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The Outbreak of War! - Tuesday 4th September 2018 

During our first afternoon in Hexham Class, we experienced what life might have been like for children during an air raid.  We hid under our desks in a dark classroom and listened to Winston Churchill on the radio.  We looked at the definition of a 'Phoney War' and created our own memory boxes.  

Goodnight Mister Tom - Monday 10th September 2018

In our literacy lessons, we have been reading and listening to Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian.  We have been looking at the relationship between William Beech and Tom Oakley.  William 'Willie' is an evacuee from London, so there are lots of links to our WWII topic!  

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Stunning Start - Evacuee Experience 

One sunny September morning, Hexham Class children gathered at Angmering Station (with their parents) to board a train to an unknown destination.  They were being evacuated!


Carry their bags and gas masks they waved farewell to their parents and wondered where the train would take them.  They didn't have long to wait, as the train pulled into Worthing Station.  From there, they followed their teacher and shortly arrived at St Mary's Catholic Primary School, where they were greeted by a friendly face - Mrs Irvine! 


Mrs Irvine explained to the children that she had space in her school for them for the day, but she couldn't guarantee they would be with children of the same age! 


All in all the children agreed that it had been an exciting but strange day! However, they did feel they had experienced some of the emotions that an evacuee would have felt.  

Making World War 2 Medals 

We researched and designed World War 2 Medals.  We also researched who were given medals and why.  We even discovered that some of our Grandparent's had been awarded medals!

Remembrance Poppies at Chatsmore Catholic High School 

As part of our Remembrance events, we visited Chatsmore Catholic High School where they helped us make some amazing poppies.  When we got back Mrs Dunning made them into a stunning display for our Remembrance Liturgy.  

Dig for Victory!

We have been learning how to be more self sufficient.  If you come into our classroom you can see some posters we have designed (using Publisher) encouraging people to grow their own food. 

Make Do and Mend! 

How often do you repair a sock with a hole? Not very often? Neither did we! However, with the help of our Student Teacher, Miss Martin, we all had a go at darning.  It was tricky at first, but we decided it worth the effort to save your favourite pair of socks! 

Fab Finish - A VE Day Street Party

The War is over! We celebrated with a street party, complete with food and WW2 songs.  Our creative homework was to recreate a WW2 recipe and there were some delicious options! Thank you to all our parents and friends who came to support us.



Please come along to our Summer Fair on Friday 5th July 3:30pm.
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