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Learning Conversations Ripon

Week 6


As part of the year 4 curriculum we have learnt about the Viking Invasion. 

Prompt questions....

When did the Vikings raid? 793ad

Where did they first raid? Monastery in Lindisfarne

When did they come over to conquer the rest of England? 50 years later.

How many Kingdoms was Britain split into at the time? 4

What was the only kingdom not to be conquered? what did Alfred do? 

Week 5

This week we have started to look at Newspaper reports in Literacy. 

Suggested questions:

What are the features of a Newspaper report (headline, columns, byline, captions, images, third person and quotations)  see if they can show you these in a paper.

Time is the focus in Maths.  We have been looking at analogue, digital, 12/24 hour time.  Children have found this tricky.  At different moments during the day/evening, ask your children to look at a clock and tell you what time it is in 12 and 24 hour (1pm would be 13:00)

Have fun!!!!

Week 4

We have been continuing learning about money. Verbally give your child an amount of money eg £5 and ask them to see if they have enough for 3 items (costing of your choice) do they have enough? how much change? how much more do they need?

Children have been reissued with TT rockstar login details and I have set them challenges in the Garage.  Please encourage your child to go on to help reinforce timestables.

During literacy we have been using persuasive language.  See if your child is able to use their skills to persuade you for a treat (skills learnt rhetorical questions, groups of three, superlatives, emotive language, repetition and exaggeration)



Week 3

This week we are learning about the history of Littlehampton. In particular we have been looking at the history of The Dolphin Hotel.

Conversation starter ideas:

When did it open? has there only every been one Dolphin in Littlehampton? What has it been used for?

In Maths we are working on Money.  

I have asked the children if next time you need to go to the local shop that they be able to try and add and budget to see if they have enough money to pay, to then give the cash over and receive any change.  (obviously not a weekly shop but if you need a loaf of bread and a pint of milk, maybe ask them if they can purchase it with a £2 coin)

Week 2


Prompt questions;

Literacy - 

what is a pronoun? why do we use them? what is an explanation text? what are the features of an explanation text?


Topic - linked to history man visit.

What is the difference between a pirate, privateer, buccaneer and a smuggler? What type of things did smugglers smuggle?


In maths we are learning about decimals, see if your child can recognise when decimals are used in real life situations.



Week 1 of our new style of home learning.  


We have been dividing by 10 and 100 in maths and looking at tenths and hundredth.  Ask your child to explain what happens to the place value when dividing by 10 and 100.


We have been researching 'podcasts' and working on our own.  Ask your child to explain what a podcast is and what they are writing it about.


In science we have been learning about the water cycle - see if your child can explain how it works.


During R.E this week we are learning about 'New Life' linking it to Pentecost. Ask your child how they would feel to be given the gift of the Holy Spirit to allow them to speak in other languages to spread the good news.

Please come along to our Summer Fair on Friday 5th July 3:30pm.
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