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St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School Hope in God

More about our Governors

None of our Governors sit on the board for any other Governing Bodies.

Clerk to the Governing Board





Mrs Anne Hudspith - Foundation Governor

Appointed - October 2016- October 2020

Chair of Governors - December 2017

Link Governor - SEND, CLA, Pupil Premium, Inclusion, English

Chair of Finance, Staffing and Pay – September 2018

Committees- Finance, Staffing and Pay, Premises Health and Safety, Ethos and Values and HTPM

Relationship with Staff – None

Register of Interests (Business or Pecuniary) - None

Following a career in Catholic Education spanning almost 39 years, where I worked in the primary sector as a headteacher for fifteen years and served on the governing body of two catholic, secondary schools, I was delighted to become a member of St Wilfrid’s Governing Body.


I have a genuine interest in school improvement at all levels and a deep rooted belief in the importance of education for all, providing a safe inclusive and nurturing environment in which both pupils and staff are challenged to achieve their full potential.

I am passionate about helping to develop Catholic Education, which I believe gives our children the best opportunity to flourish in an environment centred on Christ and his teachings.

Mrs Eileen Marchant - Foundation Governor

Appointed - June 2018- June 2022

Chair of Ethos and Values Committee – September 2018

Link Governor - Religious Education, Maths and Early Years

Committees - Finance, Staffing and Pay, Ethos and Values and HTPM

Relationship with Staff – None

Register of Interests (Business or Pecuniary) - None

I am a retired secondary school teacher of Mathematics and have taught in a variety of schools; single sex: mixed; maintained; and independent. My last post was as Head of Putney High School a girls’ independent day school of 840 children aged 4-18. I have experience as a school governor in a number of secondary schools and more recently in a catholic primary school in West Sussex. I am delighted to join the governing body of St Wilfrid’s.





 Camilla BrackenFoundation Governor

Appointed May 2019 - 2023

Link GovernorTBA

Relationship with StaffNone

Register of Interests (Business or Pecuniary) – None

I have two sons, one of whom, has attended St. Wilfrid’s since 2016 and hopefully his brother will be joining him next year. My husband and I were both raised in the Catholic faith and are keen for our sons to experience the benefits of a catholic education as we did.


Professionally, I am a Senior Audit Manager for a large multinational organisation within the financial services and employee benefits sector and also a member of the CIIA and Women in Leadership programme. Since graduating in 2003, I have worked in audit within many different sectors including; local government, schools, NHS, aviation as well as financial services. This has enabled me to gain an excellent understanding of governance as well as experience in supporting businesses to achieve their objectives. It is this experience coupled with my faith which I hope to draw upon for my role as Foundation Governor to assist in making St Wilfrid’s even better than it already is!





Mr Mark Ward - Local Authority Governor

Appointed - November 2018- 2022

Vice-Chair of Governors - December 2018

Chair of Premises Health and Safety Committee - September 2017

Link Governor – Premises, Health and Safety and Safeguarding

Committees - Premises, Health and Safety

Relationship with Staff – None

Register of Interests (Business or Pecuniary) - None

I have lived in Angmering since 2003, I now have 2 children at the school and they settled in very well and made lots of friends. I have worked in IT for 20 years and more recently in Management. I would like to bring my experience to help support the school, the children and parents so that we continue to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment, as well as sharing input to the governing board to help bring positive change.


Mrs Jane Cossins - Parent Governor

Appointed - October 2017 - 2019

Vice – Chair - Premises, Health and Safety – September 2018

Link Governor - Premises Health and Safety and Safeguarding

Relationship with Staff – None

Register of Interests (Business or Pecuniary) – None

I was a first time parent at St.Wilfrid’s last year. Since my son started at St. Wilfrid’s, I have been amazed at just how personable everyone is. I wanted to be one a parent governor so I could put my skills to use at school. I have been a photographer for a few years and I have to quickly develop a rapport with young children and parents alike. I'd love to be able to help anywhere I can within the school. I've also worked in retail for over 10 years where I've had to use many social skills.

Amongst other jobs, I've also trained as an interior designer where I put to use my creative and artistic skills. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in and helping wherever I can and help all areas within the school to aim high, believe and achieve


Mrs Charlie Roskams - Parent Governor

Appointed - December 2018 - December 2020

Link Governor – TBA

Committees – TBA

Relationship with Staff – None

Register of Interests (Business or Pecuniary) – None

As a maths tutor, GCSE examiner and parent of 2, who has taught both here and abroad, I have a wealth of experience to bring to the Governing Board. My aim is to maintain and build on the school, in any way I can, to make it the best it can be.



Miss Natalie Carless -  Deputy Headteacher – Staff Governor

Appointed - September 2017

Link Governor - Academically More Able (AMA), Curriculum

Committees – Ethos and Values

Relationship with Staff – None

Register of Interests (Business or Pecuniary) – None

Having worked at St Wilfrid’s for the last 3 years, I feel I have the knowledge, understanding and skills to take on the role of staff governor. I understand the importance of a strong governing body in the development of a school (having worked as a Clerk in the past) and also believe that strong links should be maintained between the governing body and the staff who work day-to-day at St Wilfrid’s. As a passionate supporter of Catholic education, and as a practising Catholic myself, I am keen to support the school further on its journey to being a good and ultimately outstanding school.


Mrs Sharon Reynolds - Headteacher - Foundation Governor

Appointed - January 2014

Committees - Finance, Staffing and Pay, Premises, Health and Safety, Ethos and Values

Relationship with Staff – None

Register of Interests (Business or Pecuniary) – None

I became the Headteacher of St Wilfrid’s Catholic Primary School in January 2014. I have worked in catholic education for at least 15 years. I have skills in evaluating the progress of the school against our school action plans and working with the Governing Board to ensure our targets are met. St. Wilfrid’s has achieved a great deal in a short space of time and I am proud of the achievements made by the school community.

Our Christmas Fair will be held on Friday, 13th December from 3.15 pm
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