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Magnets madness

During science week, we have been busy using magnets and forces to help The Iron Man.  We have had great fun but also learnt lots by completing a wide range of hands on activities.
We returned from class after lunch to find someone had left a suitcase in our classroom.  We checked for clues but found none, Mrs Ballard and Mrs Feest had not seen any visitors and Mrs Reynolds came to investigate to check if we were safe.  We had a long debate about whether we should open someone elses property and decided it might help us return it.  We discovered a strange array of objects which we were very confused about until the next day when we received a book.  This began to give us some clues but we are still busy investigating.  Although we are now fairly sure it belongs to a migrant, we have not met him yet....
Please come along to our Summer Fair on Friday 5th July 3:30pm.
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