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St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary School Hope in God

Vision & Core Values

Vision Statement

"St Wilfrid's is committed to enriching the life of everyone that passes through our school by living out the gospel values and seeing Jesus in each other. Children will have the independence to make up their own minds and the courage to act and think for themselves. We give our children the freedom to think outside the box knowing that their individuality is valued. Our curriculum encourages children to be creative through collaborative learning. Children will enjoy the education they receive enabling them to reach their full potential and aspire to be life long learners.”

Core Values

We have five core values at St. Wilfrid's. These are:








As a school community we aim to meet these values in all that we do, every day.

Mission Statement

Here at St Wilfrid’s we work together to live like Jesus;        

Our vision is to enrich the life of everyone that passes through our school;

Praising and celebrate effort and success;

Ensuring fairness where every child matters;


Inviting our school, parish and locality friends to support us on our journey of faith;

Nurturing spiritual growth through our Catholic ethos;


Giving each other the opportunity for development in learning, worship and serving others;

Offering a safe and happy school where every person is valued;

Doing our best to see Jesus in one another.

Dear Parents, Home Learning Pack Information can be accessed from the Key Information Tab on our Home Page
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