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Sports Premium and PE

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Early Years Sports Morning


On a beautiful sunny morning Selsey class headed off to St Margaret’s for our annual sports morning. The children competed in their house teams and completed several events using fundamental skills learnt in PE. The children gave their all and had a really enjoyable morning. Great job Selsey class 👍🏼🏅

Early Years sports morning

Sports Week


What a busy week we have had this year!

It began on Monday morning with our school games morning. We were lucky that the rain held off until lunchtime. The children took part in several activities using the skills they have been learning through their PE lessons. They worked in their year groups in house teams to win points. Following the KS2 session we all gathered back as a whole school for some races on the field. All children took part in their year's house relay, our fastest runners from heats in the week competed in finals and Year 5 and 6 finished the morning taking part in a very enjoyable tug of war with the rest of the school cheering on their houses.


Tuesday morning the whole school competed in the Great Cluster run with Mr Gwynn. In year group house teams the children ran as far as they could in a set time. We will await our results compared to the other locality schools when all their runs are complete.


Wednesday saw a group of talented year 1 and 2 children attend a session at East Preston Infants School organised by the year 6 Sports ambassadors. The children took part in sit down volley ball, 4 square and End ball. It was a well run event and the children had a great time.


Wednesday after school a team of year 5 and 6 children took part in a Stoolball tournament at Georgian Gardens. They played in a league of 5 schools. Mr Gwynn specifically congratulated Joey for scoring 3 fours in one over and Connor for two great catches.


Thursday after school we took the school football and netball team to a tournament at English Martyrs in Worthing to play against our deanery schools. We each played 5 matches across the event. Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Kernoghan were extremely proud to see the netballers come in third place and the footballers coming in second place.


Children will receive certificates during Sports assembly next week 

Four of our budding gymnasts were lucky enough to be invited along to an event at Rustington Primary school. The children took part in some training sessions and an assembly led by British champion gymnast Kelly Simm.

Gymnastics event

Gymnastics event 1

All the KS1 children took part in an inter-house Dodgeball tournament this week. Each class played matches in their house teams, St Francis, St Bernadette and St Peter's.

It was the first time many of the children had played Dodgeball but they were able to use the fundamental skills they have been learning in their PE lessons this term - throwing, catching, movement and working together as a team. They scored points for players left in the game after a set amount of time. It was great fun!

We will find out the overall house winners in KS1 assembly next week no

KS1 Dodgeball inter-house

Mrs Kernoghan has been busy in the Spring term training up the KS1 Little Leaders. The children had sessions on leadership, teamwork, sports equipment and setting up multi-skill games. The children chosen will help out in KS1 with sporting events, active playtimes and the promotion of sport in St Wilfrid’s.


”sport is an important part of our school and we can now help to keep KS1 active and enjoying games”


”I am really happy to be a Little Leader so I can help children make friends and have fun together”

PE is an important part of the wider curriculum at St Wilfrid's. We understand high quality PE helps boost children's confidence, builds teamwork skills and class togetherness and will help children begin a life long journey of sporting passion.

Spring sporting news

Locality fixtures Spring term

Football/Netball fixtures Spring term

Angmering Cluster Sports

Follow this link to find out all the sporting information in our locality, including fixtures and results.

All the KS2 children took part in an inter-house football tournament this week. Each class played matches in their house teams, St Francis, St Bernadette and St Peter's. The children were able to use the skills they have been learning in their PE lessons this term and work together as a team. They scored points for a win, draw and loss. We will find out the overall house winners in assembly after the half term break! no

Inter-house football KS2

Selsey class took part in the annual early years locality sports morning. We completed events including skills we have been learning in our PE lessons - kicking, throwing, running, jumping etc. Out of the 12 teams entered we came 1st! Well done Selsey class smiley

Early Years locality sports morning

Some of the children took part in an Angmering Cluster Schools World Cup day this week. The day was split into sections for year 1 and 2, years 3 and 4 and years 5 and 6. Years 1 and 2 began with some football skills practice and then played some mini games. Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were part of a tournament. All the children gave their all and had fun especially the girls for whom this was their first taste of competitive football. 


"It was so much fun and we knew what to do because we have been learning to play football in PE!"


"I think we worked really well as a team and supported each other"


Our two bronze ambassadors helped throughout the day, coaching and supporting the children.


The children really enjoyed the day and the sun shone for us smiley


World Cup Cluster Schools Day

On Monday 18th June St Wilfrid's held their school games morning. The morning saw the children take part in numerous events for their school house teams. They worked in their key stages to score as many points as they could for their house. The morning was filled with events using skills the children have been leaning in their PE lessons across the school year including football, netball, hockey, rugby and athletics. The year 5 play pals helped to run the KS1 event and the children had a great morning. The children displayed the spirit of the school games including teamwork, honesty, determination, passion, respect and self-belief.

The winning houses were 

KS 1 - St Peters

KS2 - St Francis

Overall - St Francis  

As a school we took part in the Angmering Cluster School Sports event the Great Cluster Run. All the schools in the cluster take part and Mr Gwynn comes from the Angmering school to record our results. The children compete in their houses to run as far as they can in a set time. As a school we ran 34.44KM!! Nearly to Newhaven!! The winning house was St Peter's.

Over the whole competition across the cluster schools St Wilfrid's won all three sections!!!! KS1, lower KS2 and upper KS2!!

Great Job!

Great Cluster Run

Picture 1

Locality sports at St Wilfrid's

The children of St Wilfrid's enjoy joining in with our Angmering Cluster schools sports events, from new age kurling to Boccia, the Angmering mile to mini football tournaments we all aim to do our very best smiley 
Please come along to our Summer Fair on Friday 5th July 3:30pm.
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