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Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium funding is given to schools by the Government to support families with children who receive Free School Meals. Pupil Premium is a wonderful way for schools to fund children to ensure they make good progress and attainment.

We also like to offer extra support with maths and writing, through one to one tuition and homework clubs. 


St. Wilfrid's also uses Pupil Premium Funding to run additional learning and intervention clubs to support our children with their maths, writing and reading.


Follow this link to take you to the application form that you can download. If you are a parent of our school, we will happily post the form if you take it to the main school office. 



Free School Meals

School meals are provided in all maintained schools and academies in West Sussex by contractors or through in-house catering arrangements. Meals comply with all current school food standards.


If you are in receipt of any of the benefits listed below and you apply for free school meals, your child's school will receive a Pupil Premium grant to support your child's education. The grant is currently £1300 per eligible primary pupil or £935 per eligible secondary pupil and is paid for up to six years.


Note: If you are not eligible for free school meals, but your child will be in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 from September 2014, they will automatically be entitled to Universal Infant Free School Meals and you need not apply.


If you are in receipt of any of the benefits specified below, free school meals are available from all maintained schools and academies in West Sussex.


If you are in receipt of any of the benefits specified above, download and complete the application form and send it to the address provided, or alternatively, contact us using the email address below and we will send a form to you.


Once your application has been successfully processed, we will send you confirmation. We will check your eligibility every three months and notify you and the school your child attends if you are no longer eligible.


The information in the Strategy Statements below outlines the barriers faced by eligible pupils at St. Wilfrid's. 

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2023-24

Considering St Wilfrid's for your child? Come and visit us at any time; call the office to make an appointment. We look forward to meeting you!
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